Open call: Embodying Resistance

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The role of the body in struggles for liberation, from all geographies and histories, including but not limited to Palestine
  • Theorising the muscle as the vital force of resistance (in the Fanonian sense) from a decolonial, anti-capitalist standpoint2
  • Sick or crip strategies of resistance3
  • How the individual body in resistance becomes part of a collective body
  • (Feminist and/or anarchist) organised self-defence groups and movements
  • Liberating tools that are used by the system to modify play with one’s body against the normative order
  • Performances and rituals as forms of alternative embodied opposition
  • Intimate spaces of resistance

Your proposal:
Because it is our aim to give form to the idea of a pluriversal world, we resolutely reject the idea of a universal way of knowing emanating from a neutral, general and/or anonymous perspective. Instead, we look for contributions that are concretely situated, personal, fragmented, specific, etc. and from all possible backgrounds, disciplines and/or embodied knowledges. We also look for and welcome contributions that come from a different epistemological knowledge or language that the editors of Errant do not understand. Additionally, we welcome all possible forms that can be conveyed in the format of a publication: academic writing, fiction, poetry, images and experimental forms we have not thought of ourselves yet.

Proposals should not exceed 300 words, accompanied by one piece of previously published material and a short bio. You may also propose an existing text, artwork or other material, if so please specify. The deadline for proposals is 1 April 2024.

After selection, the deadline for contributions is 7 July 2024. We aim to publish this issue in October 2024.

Proposals or questions about this open call can be sent to:

We aim for max. 3-4,000 words for an essay or short story, max. 2 or 3 pages for a poem, and max. 10 pages for a visual contribution. Amount of words/pages is open for discussion and depends on the contribution.

Contributors publishing new material especially created for this issue of Errant receive a fee of € 400,- incl. VAT per contribution upon acceptance and publication.


  1.  Dorlin, Elsa. Self-Defense: A Philosophy of Violence, translated from the French by Kieran Aarons. Verso Books, 2022. ↩︎
  2. As inspired by: Fanon, Frantz. The Wretched of the Earth, translated from the French by Constance Farrington. Penguin Books, 1961 ↩︎
  3. See for instance: Hedva, Johanna. ‘Sick Woman Theory,’ 2022 <>. Originally published in Mask Magazine (Jan. 2016). ↩︎
Open call: Embodying Resistance
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