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Errant Podcast on Radio Alhara, every 3rd Wednesday of the month, 2.30 pm Bethlehem time.

Radio Alhara is a communal online radio station that broadcasts from Bethlehem, Ramallah, Amman and other places to the world. Founded at the beginning of the pandemic by Elias and Yousef Anastas, Yazan Khalili, Saeed Abu Jaber, and Muthanna Hussain. The radio is a platform through which the community of the producers and listeners explore the rich terrain of sound. We host live and recorded music sets by a continually expanding roster of amateur and professional DJs, composers and sound artists, and broadcast soundtracks, audio documentaries and essays, conversations and interviews, podcasts, poetry, speeches, movies but also any and all sounds that pique our curiosity and further our appreciation for listening. At Radio Alhara, we want to carve out a sonic space that fosters experiences of collective listening and exchange and have fun doing it. It’s a communal media that dimensions that distance between the producers and the listeners. 

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We are very happy to announce that our friends at Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin are organizing a Publishers’ Fair and Errant Journal has been invited to join. The fair will host various small and micro publishers who constitute the invaluable independent publishing ecology of Berlin. Come and meet publisher friends, artists, artist-publishers, and acquaintances based mostly in Berlin and its environs, who will be selling publications in Hopscotch’s hof. The bar will be open with their regular drinks as well as a special cocktail. There will also be delicacies from their local Indian Imbiss available for sale at cost.

See for more info Hopscotch’s FB event.

Crisis Imaginaries, Chapter 5: On Slow Violence and the Anti-Spectacle. With: Connie Zheng

This event, organized by Framed Framed and the Goethe-Institut Niederlande, begins from the question of representing slow violence, through discussing Connie Zheng’s recent article for Errant’s second issue — on aesthetic representations of environmental disaster (‘Amidst slow violence: cascading reincarnations in Thao Nguyen Phan’s Becoming Alluvium‘). Thinking on the distancing, overwhelming effect of images of climate catastrophe so often plastered across media; what do these images do, and not do?

With this frame we turn toward Zheng’s own practice, and specifically her work around seeds as speculative futures. Together, De Craen and Zheng will guide us in a screening of Zheng’s film Seedtime (2020) and a discussion of anti-spectacular action and practice responding to climate collapse.

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Launch of Errant Journal #2 Slow Violence at Framer Framed in Amsterdam. With: Radha D’Souza, Jonas Staal, Aldo E. Ramos

BOOKS with Errant Journal at Melly (FKAWdW) on November 27, 6 pm CET. With: Irene de Craen, Rajkamal Kahlon, Narda Alvarado, and Mark M. Smith, moderated by Vivian Ziherl.

Launch of Errant Journal #1 at Framer Framed in Amsterdam. With: Lara Khaldi, Rolando Vazquez and Irene de Craen.

Errant Journal has been invited to be a guest resident at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam from 1 July till 31 December 2020. Errant’s HQ will temporarily be located there where we will work on the 2nd issue on Slow Violence.

Due to the corona virus, we have decided to postpone the launch of Errant Journal’s first issue. For everyone out there: take care and stay safe!

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