Errant Podcast #3, recorded 4 June 2021

Mídia NINJA – with Felipe Altenfelder

With Felipe Altenfelder of Mídia NINJA (an acronym for Independent Narratives, Journalism and Action), a free communication network in Brazil, we talk about how they started, as well as their structures and strategies. As a community of like-minded individuals spread throughout Brazil, they are an inspiring example of a decentralized organisation that is able to resist and subvert hegemonic narratives. Because of this, they have acquired real political power that is able to influence topics such as environmental destruction, indigenous empowerment, as well as the main political arena of Brazil.

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Errant Podcast #2, recorded 10 February 2021

The pluriversity and knowledge as a weaving – with Aldo E. Ramos

In this conversation we talk with artist, traveller poet, and decolonial storyteller Aldo Ramos about his work on the pluriversity he is co-creating in Colombia. He tells about how he came to do this work, and why it is so important for the pluriversity to exist. Not in resistance to Western forms of knowledge, but as a form of re-existence. This knowledge is profoundly communal, relational and created by a weaving based on the South American concepts of sentipensar and buen vivir.

The pluriversity Aldo talks about is built and shared with many people, among others: Patricia Botero-Gomez and Natalia Giraldo Jaramillo.

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Errant Podcast #1, recorded 1 November 2020

Building the Baileo – with Romy Rondeltap

In this talk with Romy Rondeltap we discuss the colonization of the Moluccas by the Dutch, and ways of healing the colonial wounds. Romy talks about her own family history, as well as her journey of rediscovering and restoring her Moluccan identity. Several years ago, she founded Building the Baileo; a non-profit organization for preserving and sharing Moluccan culture. On the Moluccas, a baileo is a shared space that is the physical and spiritual heart of the community and the location for all important events. Because it has no walls, ancestral spirits can come and go as they please. Romy’s organization functions as both a metaphor of a baileo, as well as a concrete way to educate, celebrate and share the culture.


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