Contents #1

3. Contributors
9. Editor’s Note | Irene de Craen
15. Modernity Coloniality and Visibility: The Politics of Time | Rolando Vázquez
23. Remy Jungerman
33. The Book of Mukasa | A.K. Kaiza
47. We’re still alive, so remove us from memory. Asynchronicity and the
Museum in Resistance | Lara Khaldi
55. Landscape of Darkness | Yazan Khalili
59. Constructing a Theory and Practice of Black Quantum Futurism, Pt. 1 | Rasheedah Phillips
69. Chronic Dissonance: Slowing Up/ Speeding Down | Sophie Hoyle
81. The Old-Fashioned Way | Season Butler
87. When Things Go South | Narda Alvarado
95. Colonizing Sounds | Mark M. Smith
97. Artists Are Here to Disturb the Peace | Irene de Craen in conversation with Rajkamal Kahlon
111. On rubber time: becoming contemporary in Southeast Asia | Vera Mey and Shona Mei Findlay

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